American Songwriter names “Nowhere Near Done” as a top album of 2020.

I have neglected my studio blog, and for that i apologize. But I’m happy to be back and to be able to share a proud moment for all of us here at Hartwell Studios. An EP we did with the amazing Ray Scott called “Nowhere Near Done” was recently named as a top album for 2020 (you can check out the article here) by American Songwriter magazine. Any list that includes Chris Stapleton, Taylor Swift, and us is certainly welcome!

And the best part is that we just wrapped another full album for Ray called “Cover The Earth” that’s due out later in 2021 that may be his best work yet.

We’ve endured through ups and downs and even through a pandemic. And like Ray, we’re “Nowhere Near Done”. The success of Hartwell Studios is built upon the talent, friendship, and hard work of the musicians and artists of our community. So to all of them, and to American Songwriter magazine, we say a giant THANK YOU!!