Custom Soundcraft/API console

Outboard gear/preamps
Aurora Audio GTQ-2
2 Ch Trident 80B
2 Ch vintage API 312, Brent Averill racked
Daking 52270
Antelope Isochrone Master clock
Lynx Aurora A/D D/A converter
Apogee converter
2 Blackface Urei 1176 Rev. F
Tube Tech PE-1C
Aphex Exciter
Yamaha Rev-7
Tascam Professional Series CD burner

2 Neumann/Gefell CMV-563 tube mics
Neumann/Gefell M-582 tube mic
2 Neumann/Gefell M692
Lawson 251 tube mic
2 Telefunken M-80
AKG 451
3 Oktava MK-012
3 Audio Technica AT-25
AKG C-3000
3 Shure SM-57

5′ Young Chang Grand Piano
2 1953 Hammond C3 Organs
Leslie 122
Leslie 147
Wurlitzer 120
88-Key Fender Rhodes
Fender Tele
McPherson Acoustic Guitars
Amps by Fender and Vox
Cabs by Orange, Fender, Avatar


This is only a partial list and gear is always changing — please contact us for specific questions or needs.  One of the advantages to hiring a Nashville studio is that we are able to get virtually any piece of gear you want for your project!