Full Albums
We offer start-to-finish full album services.  The sky is the limit.  We can help build a retail-ready product for your fans to stream.  Call us to discuss your project and we’ll help you bring your dreams to life!  We also offer…

Demo Production

Email us your iPhone acoustic/vocal work tape and we’ll create a full mastered demo within your budget featuring some of Nashville’s best players.

Need guitar/keys/bass/drums/fiddle/steel/singers etc. on your home recording but the players in your town aren’t cutting it?  Email us your tracks and we’ll hire the musicians you need.

Email us your tracks and we’ll send you back a master that will blow your mind!

We are now offering in-house mastering! Need your mix to have some pop, shine, and volume?  Email us your tune and we’ll get it ready for Spotify, Apple Music, & all the major services!

Need a professional voice?  We can make you sound your best or get some of Nashville’s incredible voice talent to give you outstanding copy.

Please contact us for a quote tailored to your specific needs and budget goals.